The splenic inflammation

Definition Splenic inflammation is an inflammation of the splenic tissue. The causes of the inflammation can be very different. There are numerous infectious diseases in which the spleen is also affected. Since the spleen contributes to the body’s immune defenses, its activity often increases in systemic infectious diseases. It reacts to the inflammation and the … Read more

The diagnosis | The splenic inflammation

The diagnosis In any case, it is important to consult a doctor if you have pain in the spleen. The first step is a consultation with a physical examination. The examination of the abdomen is important here. Usually the spleen is not palpable in the left upper abdomen. Due to the swelling, however, the spleen … Read more

The splenic infarction

What is a splenic infarction? In a splenic infarction, a blood clot causes a (partial) blockage of the main artery of the spleen, the so-called lienal artery or one of its branches. The oxygen and nutrient supply is no longer guaranteed due to the blocked vessel. Depending on where the vessel is blocked, this results … Read more

The prognosis | The splenic infarction

The prognosis A splenic infarction is based on a circulatory disorder of the tissue and usually occurs within a few minutes. The localization of the infarct and the associated cell death contributes significantly to the prognosis. In small infarct areas, the spleen can usually continue to do its work. However, the cause of the infarct … Read more