Large Pectoral Muscle

Synonyms Latin: M. pectoralis major Definition The large pectoral muscle (Musculus pectoralis major) occupies the largest part of the front wall of the thorax. The muscle has three original parts. The main part comes from the outer surface of the sternum, another part from the medial third of the clavicle and a smaller part from … Read more

Pectoralis major muscle

Introduction Musculus pectoralis major means translated as “large pectoral muscle“-and this is already quite clear what it is. The musculus pectoralis major is the largest and strongest part of our front shoulder muscles. Because it is so large, it can be divided into three parts: the pars clavicularis (the part near the collarbone), the pars … Read more

Small pectoral muscle

Synonyms Latin: Musculus pectoralis minor History Attachment: Processus coracoideus Origin: 2nd – 5th rib, lateral to the cartilage-bone interface Innervation: Nn. pectorales med. , C (6) – 8, Th1 Anatomy The small pectoral muscle lies below the large pectoral muscle (M. Pectoralis major). It has its origin at the front of the 3-5th rib, about … Read more