Paleo Diet: How To Get Started with the Stone Age Diet

The Paleo diet is a nutritional concept founded by a book written by nutritionist Dr. Loren Cordain. In 2010, the first edition was published in the United States. Since then, the Paleo principle has enjoyed steadily growing popularity and has now become a major trend in Europe as well. What does the Paleo principle mean? … Read more

Live Healthier with Less Sugar

Germans consume an average of 35 kilograms of sugar each year, although only about 16 percent of this is purchased as household sugar. The remaining sugar is contained in other foods and beverages such as sweets, convenience products, bread, ham and juices. These are often products that are not even suspected to contain sugar. Excessive … Read more

Diet and Nutrition for Hypertension

High blood pressure is a very common disease that can have various causes. It can be caused by heart disease as well as kidney disease. However, the most common cause is atherosclerosis, also called hardening of the arteries, a condition in which blood vessels lose their elasticity. More specifically, calcification is initially a fatty condition, … Read more

Diet and Nutrition in Heart Disease

In all diseases, the heart must exert a certain amount of effort. Already with a flu or angina one can determine that. But lifestyle can also strain or relieve the heart, and diet is a major contributor to this. Overeating is an imposition on the heart; therefore, throughout life, one should be mindful of keeping … Read more

Diet and Nutrition in Liver Disease

Many people will immediately raise their hands defensively when hearing or reading the phrase diet and nutrition in liver disease, because they believe that a dietary prescription consists only of prohibitions. This is not infrequently due to the fact that, up to now, the doctor usually put a large number of foods on a forbidden … Read more

Muscular and Athletic Beach Figure for Men

On Sylt, Usedom, Rügen and everywhere where the sea or the lake invites you to swim, so-called playboys stalk through the precinct in the finest restaurants. Today you can also meet their summer spoiled offshoots, the beach lions, stalking through the harsh beach landscape. They do this either alone or if it is still very … Read more

Lose Weight through Healthy Eating

Lose weight by healthy diet and by healthy food is the subject of this guide. According to an American statistic, the premature mortality of those overweight by 15-20 kilos is more than 40% higher than people with normal weight. With even more overweight, this frightening figure climbs to over 60%. Learn more about how to … Read more

So It Works with the Bikini Figure

The summer stands before the door. The bikini is bought, the vacation booked only the bikini figure is not yet in sight. This is mainly the fault of one: the unloved ravenous appetite. Chocolate, cookies, gummy bears, potato chips, nuts or salted pretzels: it likes to tempt us with all of these until we give … Read more

Diet (Weight Loss)

Diet and slimming are terms of our modern western world. They are closely associated with obesity and numerous diseases caused by an overabundance of food. Lose weight and go on a diet are in principle quite simple, if the person concerned brings up an iron will and scientifically proven methods for weight reduction in his … Read more

Diet and Nutrition in Diabetes

If one delves into medical books and guidebooks and reads under the keyword diabetes mellitus what was known about this disease about forty years ago, one learns that a diabetes sufferer did not have good prospects of recovery at that time. Insulin against diabetes Infographic on the anatomy and cause of diabetes mellitus type 2. … Read more

Diet and Nutrition for Circulatory Disorders

For many men and women, it often happens after the age of forty that they suddenly have to stop walking because they get a pain in their calves that forces them more and more often to interrupt their chosen path. Usually, during the pain attack, they turn towards a shop window in order not to … Read more