How can you prevent infection? | Thrush infection

How can you prevent infection?

Since the virus that causes oral thrush is mainly transmitted via saliva, all objects that come into contact with the mouth are a source of infection. For example, care must be taken not to share cutlery or crockery. You can also get infected through a used handkerchief or the towel of a herpes virus carrier.

With small children, care should be taken that they do not share a pacifier. Toys that are put in the mouth also pose a risk of infection. Of course the virus is also transmitted by kissing.

If the child is suffering from oral thrush, kissing and close physical contact should be avoided if possible. In summary, it is very important to pay attention to hygiene. Those who are already carriers of the virus, i.e. over 90% of the population, and who have already had oral thrush, or who are carriers without having contracted the disease, are usually not at risk of contracting oral thrush again.