Instructions – 7 steps to cut baby hair correctly | Baby hair – this is the right way to cut it!

Instructions – 7 steps to cut baby hair correctly

  • Correct instrument: good preparation for cutting hair in a baby is very important. If you want to cut your baby’s hair at home, it is worth buying scissors with rounded tips. – Cozy atmosphere: it is also important that the child is in a good mood and the person who cuts the hair is not in stress.
  • Teamwork: it is best when one person can distract the child while the second person cuts the baby’s hair. – Entertainment for the baby: it is advisable to put the baby in the bathtub and have some bath toys ready. – Moistening the hair: it also helps to wet the hair or at least spray it with water.

Then you can start with the actual cutting. – Protection against injury: it is important to always grip small sections of hair between the index and middle finger and to keep your own fingers between the scissors and the baby’s head. This prevents injuries.

  • Last step: now you work your way from top to bottom around the baby’s head. Finally, you can wash your hair as usual and get the baby out of the bathtub. Some myths concerning the haircutting of a toddler are still widespread.

For example, many parents think that their child’s hair will increase in thickness and volume if you cut it more often. But this is not the case. The thickness of the hair is solely determined by the genes (carriers of a genetic disposition).

Even shaving a baby’s hair cannot influence whether the hair grows back thicker than before. It is also widely believed that a baby’s hair grows faster if it is cut or trimmed often. Unfortunately, this is another misconception and genetics is also the decisive factor in the speed of hair growth.

For example, if a baby’s hair grows slowly, you have to be patient until the hair has reached a certain length. Shampoos and healthy food can make the hair look beautiful, but they also have no influence on faster hair growth. Our new topic might help you: Proper nutrition for your baby

Cost at the barber shop?

There are a large number of hairdressers who have experience with cutting the hair of babies. As a habit of the cutting itself, you can take the child to the hairdresser in advance when one parent gets their hair cut. The prices for a baby haircut at the hairdresser vary from a free first haircut for toddlers to an average of 5-7 Euros. You should also make sure that the child is fed and in a good mood.