MCHC | Erythrocyte Parameters


MCHC describes the proportion of hemoglobin in the total volume of a red blood cell. It is calculated from hemoglobin hematocrit or MCHMCV. The normal range is between 30-36 g/dl. MCHC is significantly less likely to be elevated or decreased than MCV or MCH and is therefore of little importance in the diagnosis of anemia.


RDW describes the size distribution of red blood cells in the blood. In healthy patients, the size distribution in the form of a normal distribution (Prince Jones curve) is between 6 and 9 micrometers; most red blood cells have a size of 7.5 micrometers. The RDW indicates the percentage of red blood cells that deviate from this normal size.

The RDW is normally < 15%. RDW is of little importance in clinical routine. Decreased values are of no significance, increased values indicate the presence of anemia. MCH and MCV are then used to classify anemia more precisely.