Slimming with tea


Tea for losing weight can be an effective slimming aid with the right type of tea. Different types of tea have different effects on detoxification, desalination, stimulation of the metabolism, supply of minerals and fat burning. Teas are almost calorie-free, but often contain numerous minerals and vitamins. Thus they help to purify and detoxify the body.

Procedure for losing weight with tea

The essential ingredient when slimming with tea is to drink as much of it as possible. One of three main meals of the day should be replaced by half a litre of tea. At least two more litres of tea should be drunk throughout the day.

About 30 to 60 minutes before the remaining meals, at least one cup of tea should be drunk to achieve an earlier satiation effect. The tea does not have to be replenished constantly, a large thermos flask can be prepared very well and drunk over several hours. This makes it easy to lose weight with tea in the office and at work. Different kinds of tea are very suitable for this diet and you can change according to your taste. Certain types of tea such as ginger tea also have a stimulating effect on the metabolism, which increases calorie consumption, while nettle tea has a very good draining effect.

How much can I lose weight with the diet?

One reads that by losing weight with tea, half a kilogram of body weight can fall every day. However, the weight loss depends very much on your own body and the other main meals. In order to lose as much weight as possible, both meals should be low in fat and carbohydrates, but should contain as much protein as possible and be filling. Sport also boosts fat burning and helps to reduce weight faster.

What teas?

Popular teas for losing weight are Matcha tea, which awakens and boosts the metabolism, and green tea, which reduces cravings. White tea has also been proven to have positive effects on fat metabolism and is suitable for losing weight. In addition, there are many teas where others also have positive effects. St. John’s wort tea, for example, is said to make you happy and can therefore help with a low motivation during a diet. Ginger diet detoxifies very well and supports the immune system, while Oolong tea is considered an effective fat burner.

Green tea

Green tea is ideal for losing weight in this diet, as it is particularly rich in minerals. Green tea reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the blood and has a proven positive influence on weight reduction. Green tea stimulates the metabolism and increases the body’s energy metabolism.

A component of the tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is said to be effective against obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and premature aging. It also contains valuable flavonoids, quercetin and rutin. Green tea contains bitter substances that satisfy the desire for sweets and thus counteract ravenous appetite attacks.