What alternative diets are available? | Slimming with tea

What alternative diets are available?

More radical than slimming with tea would be a complete fasting cure, in which only drinking is allowed. Here, the body is purified faster and more weight is lost, but the yoyo effect is almost unavoidable. If it is difficult to replace a meal with liquid, other lightning diets can be better implemented.

For example the rice diet or the cabbage soup diet. If carried out correctly, an apple vinegar diet can also help with weight loss. For long-term dietary success and maintaining the desired weight, a low-carb diet with regular exercise can be promising. This diet can be carried out over weeks to months and if the diet is changed over the long term, the dreaded yoyo effect can be avoided. Exercise as a supplement to the diet helps significantly to shape the body and let the pounds continue to drop.

What are the costs of losing weight with tea?

The costs of this diet are generally low. It depends on whether you buy green tea in the drugstore or expensive Matcha tea from the health food store with bamboo brooms. As it makes sense with this diet to change the types of tea over the days and the course of the day, a small selection of different sorts and tastes that are enjoyed is sufficient.