The Bach Flower Star of Bethlehem

Description of the flower Star of Bethlehem

The plant (Star of Bethlehem) is a relative of onion and garlic. It grows in forests and fields. The leaves are divided in the middle by a white stripe, the flowers are white and open in April and May only in sunshine.

State of Mind

One has not yet come to terms with a mental or physical shock. “Comforter.”

Peculiarity Children

Children who need Star of Bethlehem are depressed and sad for a long time after a stressful event such as illness or accident, they withdraw and do not want to be comforted. Sometimes they do not like to play, do not eat, sleep badly.

Pronouncement adults

One is still in a state of shock after an intervening event and blocked, after an accident, after a mental injury. It does not matter whether the event happened a long time ago (for example, incidents during birth) or only recently. The experiences can also appear trivial to the outside world.

However, the affected person cannot forget and process what may also happen unconsciously. The personality is in twilight sleep, so to speak, in a kind of inner numbness and refuses to take part in active life. One has a subdued effect on the environment, speaks in a low, hushed voice that becomes a little quieter towards the end of the sentence, has slowed movements, frozen facial expressions.

As if one was “not quite there”. One appears sad, unhappy, paralysed by grief. Suddenly appearing illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, speech disorders, trembling can indicate a negative Star of Bethlehem condition.

Destination of the stream flowering Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem should help to release mental and energetic blockages. Inner vitality, clarity and strength shall be newly created. Star of Bethlehem is “Soul comforter” and “pain reliever”.