The latest trends | Endurance sports at home

The latest trends

The latest trends in endurance sports at home are trampoline swinging and trampoline jogging. This new sport is very easy on the joints and relatively cheap and space-saving compared to the usual training equipment for at home. All you need is a mini trampoline with a pole to hold on to and a suitable training program. Exercise programmes on the mini trampoline are easy on the joints, effective and varied, as you can do and combine many different exercises.

Endurance sport at home without large investments

If you want to train your endurance without having to make a big investment, you can fall back on endurance exercises without equipment. These exercises include jogging on the spot, marching, knee-lift, step-touch and biceps curls. The exercises are carried out in the form of a series of exercises and partly build on each other.

The starting position is a loose position with the feet next to each other. Now the right foot is first placed diagonally forward and then the left foot as well. Then the right foot is put back to the starting position and then also with the left foot.

The foot movement is now completed by bending the arms up and down. If the right foot goes forward, the right forearm swings outwards. The left arm follows the left foot and swings outwards.

Afterwards the arms are bent again after the feet. These sequences are carried out for one minute before proceeding to the next step. Now follows the marching where you march on the spot with a strong use of your arms.

This exercise is also performed for one minute. In the knee-lift, starting from the marching, the knees are pulled higher and moved to the opposite elbow. After one minute the exercise changes again and you move into a relaxed position with your feet next to each other.

First a big step is made with the right foot to the side and then the left foot is placed against the right foot. Now the left foot is set to the side and the right foot is put in place. After one minute the transition to the biceps curls follows. In the step-touch movement, the arms are bent in front of the body and stretched out again.

And finally. . .

For an endurance training in your own four walls, there are several possibilities from exercises without equipment to skipping ropes to expensive and large ergometer trainers. Everyone has to decide for himself which version suits him best and whether it is worth buying. The positive effects of an endurance training, also at home, should be motivation enough to get up from your sofa and start with a small endurance workout.

For beginners, it is important to consult a doctor first in order to have any risks or illnesses clarified. Then you should inform yourself about equipment, possibilities and training exercises. And with that, endurance training should not be a problem anymore, even on rainy autumn days or on cold winter weekends, because you can train in the warmth of your home.