Turbo Diet

What is a Turbo Diet?

The Turbo Diet represents an absolutely radical diet, which is particularly suitable if you want to lose a few excess kilos very quickly, for example for a forthcoming vacation or a wedding. It concerns thereby a fortnightly Diät program, which must be converted for large success disciplined. The Turbo Diet involves replacing main meals with protein-rich shakes to generally reduce calorie intake, break down the body’s own fat and get the metabolism going.

The Turbo Diet can be carried out with various shakes, which can be purchased in pharmacies, drugstores or even supermarkets in a wide range of price categories. Well-known products are the shakes of Almased and Yokebe, which are available in many stores and pharmacies. However, there are also cheaper products from other manufacturers, but you should pay attention to what ingredients are included.


Almased contains valuable raw materials which, according to the manufacturer, are prepared in a gentle manufacturing process to ensure that the sensitive active ingredients work effectively. Almased uses a soy protein that is particularly rich in isoflavones and probiotic skimmed milk yogurt. The shake is naturally sweetened with natural honey, which contains natural enzymes and makes the taste pleasant.

Almased contains no artificial flavors, fillers, sweeteners or sugar and is gluten-free. You can buy the powder for the shake in a 500g tin and have a practical storage tin at the same time. The product is also available lactose-free. The important vitamins and minerals are added to the Almased powder to prevent malnutrition.


Besides Almased, Yokebe is a well-known shake made of valuable ingredients. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are added to this product to prevent deficiency symptoms, which can occur with other diets. Yokebe Classic contains high-quality milk, whey and soya proteins. This shake is also sweetened and made tasty by natural aromatic honey. All important vitamins are added, vitamins B5 and B12 for energy metabolism and vitamin B6 for protein and sugar balance play a major role.