Vitamin D quick test – Who should perform it?


Vitamin D3 25 Hydroxy- (OH)Vitamin D = Vitamin D storage form


With the help of the Vitamin D rapid test the Vitamin D content in the blood can be determined independently or by a doctor. In this way, an undersupply of vitamin D can be detected. This is very important for two reasons: Doctors advise to accomplish therefore regularly the Vitamin D rapid test.

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  • The body’s own vitamin D formation requires UV radiation on the skin. Due to insufficient sun exposure approximately each second person living in Germany has a Vitamin D undersupply.
  • Vitamin D has important functions in our body. It is important for our bone metabolism, our mood, the immune system and others.

Who should perform a Vitamin D rapid test?

The following groups of people are particularly recommended to have a vitamin D test performed: However, doctors generally advise all people to check their vitamin D status regularly. This is justified as follows: For a sufficient supply of vitamin D to our body, sun exposure to our skin is necessary. The body cannot produce vitamin D without sunlight.

Therefore many Germans have reduced vitamin D values in the winter months. But also the summer is usually not sufficient to raise the Vitamin D mirror on normal values. The Vitamin D test represents thus a possibility of discovering a Vitamin D Unterversorgung and of compensating these completely simply by Vitamin D gift.

  • People who are not often outside
  • People who avoid the sun
  • People who work in a shift system
  • People who are bedridden or overweight
  • People with mood swings or depressive attitudes
  • People with listlessness and constant fatigue
  • People with frequent infections
  • People with diseases of the liver, kidney or intestine
  • People with milk intolerance (lactose intolerance)