Creatine Powder


Creatine powder is a widely used supplement that many people expect to train more effectively and make faster progress in muscle building. Creatine powder is the most widely used dosage form. The powder can be dosed individually and mixed as desired in food or drinks. Creatine powder is a dietary supplement and is not on the doping list. Since creatine is a substance produced naturally in the body, creatine powder is generally very well tolerated.

Is creatine powder useful?

How useful it is to take creatine is a much discussed topic. Since creatine occurs naturally in the body, it stands to reason that it has many positive effects. These effects are not limited to the main site of action of creatine, the muscles, where performance and muscle strength are increased, but also extend to other areas of the body.

For example, taking creatine has a positive effect on brain performance. The ability to concentrate is improved and stress resistance is increased. This is especially true for people who are easily under psychological and emotional stress anyway.

Bones and cartilage also benefit from creatine. They are better supplied with nutrients, which explains why the administration of creatine can be particularly useful in cases of bone fractures or osteoporosis. Creatine also supports the bacteria fighting cells (macrophages) of the immune system in the defence against pathogens.

Through the effects just mentioned, it quickly becomes clear that the intake of creatine can achieve many positive effects and can be used in various areas. However, not all people respond equally well to the intake of creatine, so they can be divided into two groups. The people who are able to use creatine well are called responders, because they respond well to taking creatine.

The so-called non-responders are people who do not respond well to creatine. In the latter case, the use of creatine is actually not useful. Although the positive effects of creatine seem to outweigh the negative effects of creatine, it is not possible to make a general statement about whether creatine use is appropriate in an individual case and should therefore always be analyzed separately.

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