Criticism of losing weight without sport | Losing weight without sport

Criticism of losing weight without sport

If you do not exercise when losing weight, the amount of calories must be reduced more than if you lose weight through exercise. For this reason, you need to eat less to lose the same weight as if you were to exercise regularly. On the one hand, it is problematic that an insufficient supply of nutrients is often accompanied by malnutrition.

Malnutrition is not, as is often wrongly assumed, too little weight, but the lack of certain food components such as vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, protein or trace elements. However, as the body is dependent on these substances, a lack of them can cause some side effects. The many different dietary principles such as food combining or the low carb diet also seem to be based on the principle of daily turnover.

However, they can also cause malnutrition and at the same time often allow unlimited amounts of certain foods to be eaten while completely banning others. However, too much energy in the form of calories can still be absorbed. This energy is not burned and therefore cannot be broken down.

The positive effect of sport in itself, which disappears when it is completely forbidden, should not be underestimated. Firstly, physical activity is very healthy, releases happiness and motivation hormones and thus has a positive effect on the body and mood. On the other hand, sport can be combined very well with social contacts and group dynamics, which can help to keep going and can be fun.

On the other hand, losing weight without sport usually takes longer, as the amount of calories should not be reduced below the basal metabolic rate. Thus, the feeling of success of a weight reduction takes longer. You only see the result later and have to show a lot of discipline and stamina without seeing any effects. The effort that has to be put into this could well be put into a little physical activity and then even rewarded with a little more food.

Risks and dangers of losing weight without sport

Losing weight without sport can cause some risks and dangers. It is therefore necessary to take care to eat a balanced diet and not to omit any food components. In this way you avoid the danger of malnutrition, which can cause some side effects.

In addition, the second most common reason that leads many people to lose weight is often forgotten. Besides aesthetic reasons, this is that reduced weight has a positive effect on health. However, an important factor that contributes to health is also regular physical activity and fitness.

On the one hand, exercise keeps the joints fit and protects against stiffening. On the other hand, exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, which has become the leading cause of death in Western countries. Physical activity and sport in the form of 40-minute runs twice a week has just as positive an effect on the cardiovascular system as a weight reduction of five kilograms.

Thus, the risk of cardiovascular disease can be effectively reduced by combining weight reduction and sport. In order to find suitable recipes, you can fall back on cookbooks or Internet sites. One should always make sure that the recipes are not only “healthy”, “low-fat” or “calorie-reduced”, but that an exact number of calories is given.

This way, you will not fall for a recipe that, for example, contains no fat, but all the more sugar. In order to find suitable books, it is particularly helpful to seek advice directly in the bookstore. There, one can mostly have a look at the books right away. By this way, one can not only pay attention to the fact that the recipes are provided with calorie indications but one also immediately sees if the dishes are appetizing. We recommend books like “100 dishes under 400 calories”.