Does the health insurance company participate if I want to lose weight with hypnosis? | Weight loss with hypnosis

Does the health insurance company participate if I want to lose weight with hypnosis?

In general, hypnotherapy is unfortunately only covered by the statutory health insurance companies in exceptional cases on application. The regulations for the coverage of hypnotherapy costs vary greatly among private insurance companies. It makes sense to inform yourself about the possibilities of treatment with your health insurance company before therapy.

Side effect of losing weight with hypnosis

Confusion, nightmares, headaches or nausea are possible side effects of hypnosis treatments. The mentioned side effects are especially high in the special situation: stage hypnosis. Very rarely, hidden depression, mania or a psychosis can be triggered. No matter how harmless the subject of the sessions is, weight loss or smoking cessation, re-traumatisation can be caused in hypnosis sessions, for example if there have been experiences of abuse in the past, some of which were previously unconscious.

Criticism of losing weight with hypnosis

Since there is no state-approved training for hypnotherapists, one has to research carefully before the therapy to avoid charlatans. On the internet there are some show hypnotists who are expensive and less suitable to deal with serious problems with you. Once a suitable hypnotherapist has been found, side effects such as headaches, nightmares, nausea or confusion can result.

It is more dangerous if traumas that have not been processed so far come up during a hypnosis session. Therefore it is very important to find a good hypnotherapist with whom you feel comfortable. In a broader sense, it is questionable how much success can be achieved by losing weight under hypnosis. For most people, several sessions are necessary to achieve effects, which means that a change in diet only starts after several weeks.

What are the risks/dangers of losing weight with hypnosis?

Risks of losing weight with hypnosis arise in principle when unprocessed traumas lie in the past, such as mistreatment that has been repressed. Rarely does it happen that people experience previously hidden depressions, manias or psychoses during hypnosis sessions. This can lead to serious complications, which is why it is essential to choose an experienced, well-trained therapist.

How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

The aim of losing weight with hypnosis is to change eating habits in the long term and sustainably. This means that the risk of a yo-yo effect is generally less than with two-week radical mono-diets or similar. In order to avoid a yo-yo effect, it is important to permanently implement the positive thought-provoking impulses through hypnosis, such as eating less, eating healthier, doing more sports, etc. and, if necessary, to repeat the sessions to consolidate the hypnosis success.

Medical evaluation of weight loss with hypnosis

Losing weight with hypnosis is a form of weight loss that requires patience. Many people need several sessions over a period of several weeks in order to be able to accept and implement the positive approaches to healthy eating and exercise. As with normal diets, there is a risk of cravings, overeating and a relapse into old patterns. Losing weight with hypnosis is a form of weight loss that takes a lot of time, but if it works well, the therapy can bring about a lasting change in dietary and sports habits. In this way you can slowly lose a lot of excess weight and keep the desired weight permanently.