Weight loss with hypnosis


Losing weight with hypnosis is about changing deeply rooted behavioural habits. This often involves hidden snacks in between or hearty meals with which you reward yourself. In conventional diets, people avoid many foods and often feel that something is taken away from them.

This negative effect is avoided with hypnosis. Instead, the hypnotherapist tries to guide the patient through everyday life and different life situations with the help of his voice and visualizations in order to find out about the individual eating habits. The aim is to establish a healthy diet and lots of exercise as new behavioural patterns.

How does weight loss with hypnosis work?

A good hypnotherapist starts the hypnosis therapy with a detailed conversation, explains the process and the possibilities that result from the treatment. When losing weight under hypnosis, the patient lies or sits in a relaxed position. The therapist puts the patient into a trance by using certain formulas or by concentrating on a moving object.

Many people describe their existence during hypnosis as a state between waking and sleeping, like in a dream phase, but in which one is fully conscious. The therapist takes advantage of the fact that during this phase one is receptive to positive messages. Such messages are, for example, “In the future only eat when you are really hungry” or “It is great fun to walk energetically for at least 30 minutes every day”.

Many people find hypnosis very pleasant and relaxing. A session usually lasts between 30 – 90 minutes. For some people a session already brings desired effects, others need a series of treatments over several weeks in order to change their eating habits in the long term.

Where can you do that? Do doctors do that?

Basically there is no state-approved training in hypnosis. There are different hypnosis schools, which have different admission criteria. Some hypnosis schools require a previous education as psychological consultant, certified psychologist, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy or a basic training in hypnosis. There are also doctors who have completed further training in hypnotherapy and practice medical hypnosis. Basically all these people from different professional groups call themselves hypnotherapists.

How much can I/should I lose weight with hypnosis?

The success in losing weight with hypnosis is very differently pronounced. The onset of weight loss usually takes several weeks, but can then effectively lead to a loss of excess pounds. The extent of the weight loss depends strongly on the initial conditions, dietary goals and the implementation.

What are the costs of this method?

For a standard session in hypnosis, which lasts about 60 to 90 minutes, the fee is on average between 50 – 120€. The prices vary due to the different experience of the hypnotherapists, so the sessions are usually much cheaper for beginners than for therapists with special professional experience.