Dosage form as ointment | Azelaic acid

Dosage form as ointment

There are various creams and ointments that contain azelaic acid. A widespread trade name for an ointment containing azelain is Skinoren®. There are two compositions which are common and frequently used in Germany.

On the one hand there is a 20% cream and a 15% gel. Both are approved for external use for acne or rosacea and are available only on prescription. When applying the cream or gel, one should make sure that the affected skin areas are moistened with the cream or ointment without interruption.

One applies the ointment or gel twice a day. The application period is usually at least 12 weeks. An improvement of the symptoms can be expected after four weeks.

If there is no improvement after four weeks, the doctor treating you should be consulted. A doctor should also be consulted in case of allergic reactions. Temporary irritation symptoms (see section on side effects) usually disappear on their own after four weeks once the skin has become accustomed to using the cream.

Creams as well as gels and ointments must not come into contact with mucous membranes. Therefore it is recommended to wash the hands thoroughly after applying the substances. In case of contact with mucous membranes or eyes, immediate rinsing with water is recommended.

In case of persistent irritation symptoms, a doctor must be consulted, especially in case of eye irritation. Before applying the ointments or gels, the affected skin areas should be cleaned with a little water or a mild skin cleanser and left to dry. After application, the skin must be ventilated, so do not apply air- or water-impermeable covers and bandages.