Delta muscle

Synonyms Latin: M. deltoideusThe shoulder forms a large, three-sided muscle about 2 cm thick. The shape of the deltoid muscle is similar to the shape of the upside-down Greek delta, which gives it its name. The muscle consists of three parts: The anterior deltoid originates from the clavicle, the middle and posterior part from the … Read more

Function | Delta muscle

Function The deltoid muscle (Musculus deltoideus) becomes the most important lifter of the arm through the middle section coming from the shoulder blade. The deltoid muscle allows the arm to move in all directions (dimensions). Key blade portion (pars clavicularis): Shoulder roof portion (pars acromialis): Rear portion (pars spinalis): Information on all movement forms can … Read more

Musculus serratus

Introduction The musculus serratus or also called M. Serratus anterior is a muscle of the shoulder girdle musculature and is therefore attributed to the upper extremities. Its origin extends with its tendons from the 1st -9th rib. However, it has three different points of attachment on the shoulder blade or scapula. The upper part of … Read more

Inflammation of the supraspinatus tendon | Supraspinatus tendon

Inflammation of the supraspinatus tendon Due to its location and strain, an inflammation in the area of the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle can occur quickly and repeatedly. Such inflammation is usually caused by overstraining the muscles in the shoulder region (e.g. lifting heavy loads) or by incorrect loading (incorrect lifting of loads). Symptoms of … Read more

Rotator cuff

Synonyms in a broader sense Supraspinatus tendon Shoulder Muscles Musculus supraspinatus Musculus infraspinatus Musculus teres minor Anatomy The rotator cuff is a functionally important muscle group of the shoulder, which originates from the scapula and lies around the head of humerus like a cuff and is jointly responsible for the rotation and lifting of the … Read more