Internal application | Aromatherapy

Internal application

Possible applications for the internal use of essential oils are cardiovascular complaints and digestive disorders. Usually one takes 3 times daily 1-2 drops with some honey or in water and keeps them in the mouth for some time, so that the active substances can already be absorbed through the oral mucosa.


Water vapour inhalation is used for diseases of the respiratory tract. For this purpose, 8-10 drops (use sparingly) of essential oil are added to a bowl of hot water, adapted to individual tolerance. Bend your head over it and cover your shoulders and head with a large cloth to prevent steam from escaping. Breathe deeply through mouth and nose. Duration about 10 minutes.

Evaporation of essential oils in the room

It is best to put 10 drops of essence in the vaporizer bowl of a fragrance lamp or in the humidifier on the radiator.


Bath additives can be bought ready to use or you can make them yourself. For partial baths mix 8-10 drops of essence with 50 ml cream, for full baths mix 15 drops with 50 ml cream. Shake vigorously and add to the bath water. Depending on the essence, you can achieve a stimulating, calming or pain-relieving effect. In case of cardiovascular diseases, keep an eye on the temperature and seek medical advice beforehand.

Embrocations and massages

The massage oil is made from three parts essential oil and 97 parts avocado, jojoba or wheat germ oil.

Envelopes and wraps

Add 10 drops of essence to 1⁄2 litres of water. The temperature of the water depends on the form of the complaints. Cold compresses are suitable for bruises, strains and bruises.

For rheumatic complaints, stiff muscles and joints or circulatory problems, warm treatments are more appropriate. Dip a sheet of suitable size into the water, wring it out slightly and lay it over the area of the body to be treated. A dry sheet is placed on top of it and a woollen cloth at the end.

Both are led completely around the body area. Leave for some time (according to the practitioner’s recommendation, usually about 30 minutes to 1 hour). In case of acute inflammation (e.g. appendicitis) do not use hot compresses or wraps.

The most important essential oils for self-help

  • Aniseed: digestive problems, evaporation in the room for respiratory diseases. – Arnica: internally for nausea, rubs and compresses for bruises, dislocation, sprains, bruises. – Valerian: Internally, as bath additive, inhalation and vaporization in case of nervousness, restlessness, sleep disorders.
  • Bergamot: Internally, for lack of appetite, digestive disorders. Inhalation and evaporation in the room for fatigue, depression and relaxation. – Silver fir and spruce needle: Internally and as inhalation and evaporation in the room for respiratory diseases and states of exhaustion.

Embrocation, baths and compresses for nerve and rheumatic pain. – Eucalyptus: Similar areas of application as silver fir, also for increasing the defence and disinfection of the room air. – Fennel: Internally for nervousness, restlessness, flatulence and menstrual cramps.

  • Hops: Internally and as vaporization in the room for nervousness, sleep disorders. – Chamomile: Internally for digestive and menstrual problems. Envelopes and baths for inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Lavender: Internally and as inhalation and vaporization for headaches, nervousness and sleep disorders (also suitable for moth repellent). As a bath additive for general relaxation. – Melissa: Nervousness, insomnia, depression.

Envelopes for insect bites, nerve and rheumatic pains. – Peppermint: Internally for nausea, liver complaints. Rubbing in case of headache (temples).

Vaporization in case of nervousness and stress. Dab undiluted on warts. – Thyme: Internally for respiratory tract diseases, indigestion, circulatory problems, for nerve strengthening and stimulation.

  • Wormwood: Internally for intestinal parasites, colic. Embrocations for local increase of blood circulation. – Lemon: Internally for blood purification, digestive problems, liver-gall-bladder problems. Evaporation in the room for cleaning the air we breathe, refreshing and stimulating.