Losing weight using tablets or capsules


Heavy overweight, also called obesity, is harmful to health, but many people are already bothered by small fat deposits. They make numerous attempts to reduce their body weight and get rid of those annoying pounds. Many fail in frustration due to brutal crash diets and excessive exercise, so that the desire for an easier solution to their weight problem arises. The industry supports the illusion that there is a shortcut to a dream figure and offers the consumer numerous capsules, pills and tablets to buy, which are supposed to help to achieve the perfect body in the shortest possible time.

What different tablets/capsules are available?

The turnover with slimming aids is huge. The product range extends from simple dietary supplements to prescription drugs. Many capsules, for example, contain herbal ingredients that are supposed to accelerate weight loss in a natural way.

Pineapple or green tea, for example, are said to act as natural appetite suppressants. The so-called fat burners have gained great popularity. These are exotic fruits, algae and other unusual, presumed slimming aids, which are supposed to promote the body’s own fat burning.

They are also available in tablet or capsule form. Preparations with dietary fibres rely on the satiation effect, which can, however, also be achieved with vegetables that are not very calorie dense. In addition, there are vegetable and artificially produced laxatives that cause weight loss by draining bowel movements.

Other diet pills, which potentially even have life-threatening side effects, are prescription drugs. These include diuretics, which are actually used for heart failure. Fat binders are used for high blood lipid levels.

There are also the so-called appetite suppressants. Some have already had to be taken off the market because deaths have been recorded when they are taken. There are also food supplements containing various vitamins or trace elements. They are intended to prevent a deficiency in the body’s supply of essential nutrients during a diet, but this is very rare in a balanced diet.

Dietary procedure with tablets/capsules

In the best cases, consumers of slimming products are informed that they are only taking complementary or supportive medication. It is a wishful thinking to eat as usual and to lose weight only by taking capsules or tablets. Depending on the preparation, different intake instructions must be observed.

However, those who want to lose weight cannot avoid a change in lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, you need to consume less energy in the form of food than you consume during the day. Then the body begins to draw on its fat reserves and the body weight decreases.

An effective form of nutrition therefore has a calorie deficit, while at the same time it contains all the essential food components. Particular attention must be paid to a sufficient protein intake so that the body breaks down less muscle mass. In addition, healthy, unsaturated fats from fish, nuts and oil are essential for metabolism and hormone balance.

Otherwise, the diet should be rich in fibre to achieve a pleasant feeling of satiety. Low-calorie vegetables are particularly suitable here. Those who cannot manage without carbohydrates should choose wholemeal products rich in fibre.

They have a lower glycemic index, which prevents a sharp rise in blood sugar levels and thus prevents ravenous appetite attacks. Anyone who has a balanced diet with a moderate energy deficit and takes a lot of exercise in everyday life or can even accommodate a sports programme will see the pounds drop over the weeks. Capsules or tablets, even if this has not even been scientifically confirmed, can at best support this strategy.