Muscle building supplements for fast muscle growth

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Dietary supplements, supplements, bodybuilding, fitness sports, weight training supplements play an important role in today’s world. Especially athletes have to follow an exact nutrition plan to achieve optimal performance. For example, carbohydrates are important energy suppliers that the body normally draws from the reserves in muscle tissue and the liver. To replenish these reserves, it is important to eat properly.


Especially when running and endurance sports, the body needs an increased supply of carbohydrates in addition to plenty of fluids. Runners should only consume small amounts of fat, and mainly in the form of vegetable fat and fish oils. High-fat food puts a strain on the metabolism and thus has an inhibiting effect on performance. More about supplementation with carbohydrates can be found in our Carbohydrates and Carbohydrate Table.

Food supplement for bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, the aim is to build up muscles through targeted training on specific fitness equipment. Sufficient high-quality protein powder, vitamins and minerals are additionally required for a targeted muscle build-upThe food of a bodybuilder is extremely low in fat, sugar and salt are only allowed in very small quantities. Here too, sufficient liquid must be provided.

High-quality protein is a vital energy supplier for the body. It is mainly found in animal fats, especially in fish and marine animals. But also soy products or supplements like whey protein contain a lot of high quality protein.

One speaks of high-quality if the body generates as much as possible from the food supplement and can convert it into the body’s own protein. Fruits and vegetables should not be missing on any diet, whether in fitness sports, bodybuilding or running. Proteins and carbohydrates are also available as sports nutrition in many different dosage forms and compositions in most fitness stores.