Protein-containing food


Protein is a basic building block of all living cells. Protein is therefore an essential part of a balanced diet. The body cannot synthesize protein on its own, so it is essential that it is absorbed through food.

Protein occurs naturally in numerous animal and vegetable foods. How much protein the body needs depends on many factors. These include age, sex and constitution.

Which foods contain how much protein?

Protein is more or less present in almost all foods. The presence of protein is not limited to a specific food group but can be found in all groups. For simplification, a list is given below.

This is divided into 5 groups: plants, dairy products and eggs, meat, fish and food supplements. The protein content per 100g of food is given. Vegetable proteins: Milk products and eggs Meat Fish Food supplements

  • Spirulina (dried): 59,8g
  • Sweet lupine: 33,1g
  • Tempeh: 19,0g
  • Natto: 17,7g
  • Tofu: 8,1g
  • Bean sprouts: 5,5g
  • Herb seitling: 4,4g
  • Brussels sprouts: 4,0g
  • Porcini mushroom: 3,6
  • Chives: 3,0g
  • Broccoli: 3.0g
  • Spinach: 2,7g
  • Rocket: 2,6g
  • Artichoke: 2,4g
  • Cauliflower: 2,4g
  • Chard: 2,1g
  • Mushrooms: 2,1g
  • Harz cheese: 30,0g
  • Camembert: 24,3g
  • Mozzarella: 19,0g
  • Curd cheese: 13,5g
  • Cream cheese: 13,4g
  • Cottage cheese: 12,6g
  • Egg white: 10,5g
  • Milk: 3,5g
  • Buttermilk: 3,2g
  • Partridge: 35,0g
  • Knuckle of pork: 25,6g
  • Turkey breast: 24,6g
  • Rabbit: 24,3g
  • Turkey: 24,0g
  • Deer: 23,1g
  • Veal steak: 22,8g
  • Leg of beef: 22,6g
  • Roast beef: 22,5g
  • Bouquet: 22,4g
  • Lamb: 21,8g
  • Minced beef: 21,4g
  • Chicken: 18,8g
  • Anchovies: 28,9g
  • Anchovies: 26,4g
  • Caviar: 26,1g
  • Tuna: 25,6g
  • Wild salmon: 25,0g
  • Halibut: 20,6g
  • Sardine: 20,4g
  • Swordfish: 19,7g
  • Redfish: 19,4g
  • Lobster: 18,8g
  • Crabs: 18,6g
  • Sea bream: 18,4g
  • Herring: 18,0g
  • Squid: 16,0g
  • Shrimps: 11,4g
  • Protein powder: 70.0-90.0g (depending on manufacturer)
  • Protein bar: 20.0-50.0g (depending on manufacturer)