Side effects | Atopic dermatitis

Side effects

Side effects of glucocorticoid therapy and Ciclosporin therapy include In addition to drug therapy, there are other supportive measures It is important to avoid known allergens as much as possible. If you are allergic to various foods, please follow a diet and avoid these foods. Also avoid hot baths and cosmetics that irritate your skin.

Many patients report that UV light therapy helps them. The UV light has an anti-inflammatory effect and can lead to the healing of irritated skin areas. A change of climate also often has a positive effect on the disease.

The climate in the mountains and at the sea can lead to a decrease in symptoms. Stress reduction through relaxation techniques, vitamin E intake and acupuncture are also described as helpful. – Spotting on the skin,

  • Increased hair growth,
  • BP’s fluctuating,
  • Renal damage,
  • Gum changes,
  • Increase the risk of malignant diseases.


The first records of atopic dermatitis are provided by the Roman author Sueton, who describes this disease in Emperor Augustus. Other writings on atopic dermatitis are found in the dermatology book of the Italian physician Girolamo Mercuriale in the 16th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the French doctors Brocq and Jacquet described the symptoms and called the disease neurodermatitis because they assumed that the symptoms were caused by an inflammation of the nerves.

Although this was refuted, the term persisted. In 1930 other terms such as atopic dermatitis were used to describe the disease.