Six Pack

The so-called six-pack is understood to be the strong development of the abdominal muscles, especially the straight abdominal muscle (M. rectus abdominis). Due to a very low percentage of body fat, the individual muscle sections of the straight abdominal muscle, which are divided horizontally by intermediate tendons (Intersectiones tendineae) and vertically by the linea alba, are clearly visible under the skin. These visually visible six bulges of the straight abdominal muscles, which in some people are genetically more or less, make up the six-pack. The necessary trunk muscles, however, do not only consist of the straight abdominal muscles, but also include the distal muscle groups as well as the oblique and transverse abdominal muscles. The six-pack is thus regarded as the entire visible expression of the abdominal muscles under the skin.

Body fat percentage for a six pack

The six-pack is 80% dependent on body fat, i.e. primarily on nutrition and only 20% on abdominal muscle training. In order for the abdominal muscles to show up under the skin, a body fat content of less than 15% is necessary. At such a level, the upper parts of the straight abdominal muscle become visible first.

As the body fat content decreases, more and more muscle plates of the abdominal muscles become visible. At a body fat content of about 12%, the lower 2 abdominal muscle sections also slowly become visible. With approx.

10% body fat, the six-pack is then finally visible in all its anatomical structures. The lower the percentage of body fat, the more bulging the muscle sections appear. In such areas, however, iron discipline is required. It makes no difference whether male or female. The same values apply to both sexes.

What is a Six Pack? How do you get it?

It does not always have to be training on equipment that leads to a six pack washboard abs. Both the straight, oblique and lower abdominal muscles can be trained very well within your own four walls. You can find a selection of exercises with corresponding pictures on the page Washboard abs exercises.

More and more people nowadays suffer from back pain/back problems. The diagnosis is in most cases Lumbago. This is back pain in the lumbar spine (lumbar spine), which is not caused by a herniated disc in the lumbar spine with nerve root compression or a disc between the vertebrae of the lumbar spine that is too flat, but rather, as in lumbago, is caused by avoidable postures and movements of the body.

However, the person should be able to perform everyday movements without experiencing back pain. Due to a constantly increasing lack of exercise in today’s society, many muscle groups in the musculoskeletal system shorten and become weaker and weaker at the same time. The consequences are then completely normal movements and postures in everyday life, which are performed in pain.

The pain becomes chronic over time and eventually leads to relieving postures, degenerative diseases and impairments in daily life. Acute treatments with anti-inflammatory agents or relaxation massages are helpful. However, this does not eliminate the cause.

After a very short time, the same back pain/back problems can reoccur. In such cases the only and correct treatment is often sports. Especially the trunk musculature has to be trained and made flexible.

Many people even show muscular imbalances in the lumbar spine. Often the phenomenon of too weak abdominal muscles occurs. Exactly for this reason it is all the more important to train a six-pack.

Through targeted abdominal training, the abdominal muscles can form into the six-pack over a longer period of time with the right nutrition. Once the muscular imbalances and weak abdominal muscles or back muscles have been corrected, back pain and back problems in everyday life will decrease and eventually disappear completely. The Six-Pack is also responsible for the abdominal press. The active tensing of the six-pack results in significantly lower pressure values on the lumbar spine when lifting heavy objects with a straight back. In addition to these medical aspects, the six-pack or washboard stomach is also an aesthetic feast for the eyes.