Strength training for a strong back


A widespread disease besides headaches in this country is back pain. Especially employees and workers who spend most of their working time sitting in the office often complain about a sore back when they lie on the sofa at home in the evening. Back training is important and can help with this problem, remedy it and even prevent it.

The back muscles include the broad back muscle, the rhomboid muscle, the large round muscle, the small round muscle, the trapezius muscle, the long back extensor, the upper bone muscle and the lower bone muscle. A lack of training of these muscles can lead to a shortening of the chest muscles, resulting in a malposition in the spine. Targeted back training can help to relieve the pain, prevent it and maintain mobility. A good and effective strength training for the back should consist of various exercises and train all the associated parts and muscles of the back to the same extent. In addition to back training, you should always do abdominal and chest training as well to prevent muscular imbalances.

Reverse Rowing

“Reverse Rowing with Towel” is a good exercise that forms a wide back and trains the broad back muscles. You need a pole and two towels. The towels are wrapped around the bar and hung on the bar.

The legs rest on the heels on the floor. The whole body is stretched and in one line. Now you pull your body as close as possible to the bar and stay in a straight line.

The uppermost position is held for two to three seconds and then the body is lowered back to the starting position. Another exercise is the “Alternating Dumbbell Row” and is best suited for training the hood muscle. The legs stand shoulder width apart with the upper body bent forward.

The back is straight, not round. The dumbbells are left hanging in the starting position in front of the body and then alternately raised and lowered at the beginning of the exercise. The dumbbells are guided to chest height, held briefly and then lowered again.