Strunz Diet

What is the Strunz diet?

The physician and endurance athlete Dr. Ulrich Strunz invented the “Strunz Diet“, also known as the “Forever Young” diet, which consists of a low-carbohydrate diet and a disciplined sports program. With the help of this diet it should be possible to lose up to 7 kg of body weight in one week. This could also be interesting for you: How do I become thin?

Instructions for the Strunz Diet

The Strunz diet is designed to help you reach your dream weight in only three steps, and to do so in a healthy and effective way. While the first week of the diet is carbohydrate-free, the aim is to awaken unused fat-burning enzymes. The dietary effect is accelerated by a balanced physical training consisting of endurance and strength training.

Thus, the metabolism is fully activated within one month and the fat burning process gradually increases. The second phase of the Strunz diet should be carried out until the individual desired weight is reached. Finally, the third phase, the so-called permanent diet, which is intended to maintain the desired weight in the long term and prevent the dreaded yo-yo effect.

Phase 1 – the Vital-Fatburning

The first radical Vita-Fatburning phase lasts about seven to ten days. There is very intensive sport, at least 30 minutes daily jogging and 10 minutes weight training. In addition, the diet in the first phase consists only of fruit, salad, vegetables and protein drinks.

It is important to drink enough fluids and take vitamin and mineral supplements. Animal fats are prohibited in this phase. This could also be interesting for you: Losing weight through fat burning

Phase 2 – the interval diet

During the next two to ten weeks, the program will alternate between Vital Fatburning and Forever-Young days. On Forever-Young-Days fruits and vegetables may be combined with carbohydrates (whole grain products) and lean meat and fish. On Vital-Fatburning-Days only fruit, vegetables and protein shakes may be consumed. Phase two is only completed when the desired dish is reached.