The Bach flower Chestnut Bud

Description of the flower Chestnut Bud

The shiny buds of Chestnut Bud contain both flower and leaves under a layer of sticky skins.

State of Mind

You make the same mistakes over and over again because you don’t really process your experiences and don’t learn enough from them.

Peculiarity Children

Children in this state repeatedly forget their school lunch, make the same mistakes in dictation over and over again, often lose something. All of them have in common that they lack the ability to learn from mistakes once made, they seem unfocused and distracted. They lose touch with the performance of their classmates (“the child is a little behind”). Recurring complaints such as headaches at the weekend, stomach aches etc. are typical for people in Chestnut Bud condition.

Pronouncement adults

You make the same mistakes over and over again and never learn anything in the eyes of your environment. In this state, people find it difficult to really process experiences in order to benefit from them in the future. In the head you are already on the way to the next project, although the old one is not finished. For example, one always chooses the same type of partner, even though one has already had negative experiences and the next failure is inevitable. You are not very happy with this and it is as if you are on the run from yourself and could not profit from the experiences of the past.

Aim of the Chestnut Bud brook blossom

Chestnut Bud promotes the ability to process what is experienced and learned accordingly and thus creates the prerequisite for constantly making new learning experiences.