The Gorse Brook Flower

Description of the flower Gorse

Yellow, small flowers (Gorse) from February to June. The plant grows on dry, stony soils.

State of Mind

One is hopeless, resigned. You have no strength left to start over. “It’s no use anymore”!

Peculiarity Children

Children in the negative Gorse state experience an inner hopelessness that can have different causes. On the one hand there are problematic conditions in the family such as abuse, neglect, injustice on the part of the parents or siblings, on the other hand there is the fact of being rejected by classmates and teachers. The children do not talk about their problems, are either quiet and introverted or attract attention through loud, aggressive behaviour, resist everyone and everything and only achieve poor school results.

Pronouncement adults

People who need Gorse have become tired, feel like a worn out rubber band and have given up hope. This condition sometimes occurs with chronic illnesses, one has tried many therapies and has the feeling that one will never really get well again. One is now inwardly completely hopeless and at the end.

One has no strength left and is waiting for a miracle from the outside. Often the face appears yellowish and pale with dark edges under the eyes. The condition can also appear weakened and then you hear “I have tried everything, but… .

. “. Sometimes such a situation is the beginning of a new step in development.

Aim of the Gorse brook blossom

The Gorse should help to have hope again, to develop courage and to believe that finally everything will lead to a good end.