What to do if I was stung? | The Asian Tiger Mosquito

What to do if I was stung?

The bite of the Asian tiger mosquito itself is harmless, but it is accompanied by pain, swelling and possibly inflammation. With such symptoms it is usually sufficient to cool the affected area and possibly treat it with creams such as Fenistil®. The after-bite pens that are becoming more and more fashionable can help to relieve the itching, as the mosquito bite should never be scratched.

This increases the risk of infection with germs from the environment. It becomes dangerous if the mosquito bite or even the body part (arm/hand/foot etc.) swells above normal levels or if stronger pain becomes noticeable.

In these cases a doctor should be consulted, in emergencies also directly to a hospital with emergency room. Even if symptoms such as fever, headache, aching limbs or similar occur a few days after the sting, a doctor should be consulted immediately. This doctor should test for various possible viruses and other infections in order to be able to treat an illness as quickly as possible.

Protection from the Asian Tiger Mosquito

In order to protect yourself from the Asian tiger mosquito, measures similar to those used for classic insect protection are suitable. Mosquito nets on windows and doors prevent the mosquitoes from entering residential buildings. Anti-mosquito spray on the skin and clothing also keeps the animals away.

Particular care should be taken in the twilight phase, as the mosquitoes are mainly on the move at this time. However, the Asian tiger mosquito is both day and night active, so that there is no absolute protection at any time of day. Especially during it is dark, lamps in the room should only be switched on when the windows are closed or they are protected by mosquito nets.

Those who want to protect themselves from a bite outside are, beside the use of insect repellent, also well advised to wear long clothes. It is also advisable to avoid areas with stagnant water, such as swamps and lakes. Insects can lay their eggs in these areas, which means that there are a lot of animals in these areas.

Asian tiger mosquito bite during pregnancy – Is it dangerous?

A dengue or chikungunya infection during pregnancy is initially no more dangerous for the pregnant woman than for other people. However, the unborn child can also fall ill with the infection and suffer consequential damage. In addition, the risk of miscarriage is slightly increased if the woman becomes infected with one of the viruses during pregnancy.

The Zika virus on the other hand is much more dangerous. It is considered certain that a Zika infection during pregnancy can lead to severe malformations and disabilities. For example, there is an increased risk of the child suffering from microcephaly (too small a head) and thus being mentally handicapped.