With these devices I can do endurance training: | Endurance Training

With these devices I can do endurance training:

  • Crosstrainer: A crosstrainer imitates walking with a lot of movement. The electric operation allows different resistances to be set which mean different loads. – Bicycle ergometer: An “electrically operated bicycle”.

By means of the power supply, different resistances can be set on the bicycle ergometer and thus the intensity of the training can be increased. – Bicycle roller: A bicycle roller is a clamping device that allows the normal bicycle to be used indoors during the winter. – Upper body ergometer: A training device with which mainly the upper body region is stressed.

A so-called ski, for example, is such a device. Here, a powerful pushing off with ski poles is imitated. – Exercise bike: The exercise bike does not differ much from the bicycle ergometer.

However, exercise bikes are usually less expensive than ergometers due to their smaller equipment. – Treadmill: Depending on the features of the treadmill, both speed and incline of the machine can be varied to vary the resistance during the workout. – Rowing machine: A rowing machine primarily demands the back muscles.

Here, too, the resistance of the cable pull can be individually adjusted to adjust the strain. – Stepper: The stepper serves as a kind of raised step. The strain is caused by the high frequency of the step sequence.

Different step sequences with varying degrees of difficulty are possible with an adjustable stepper height. – Trampoline: Even though it is mainly known as a toy for children, the trampoline can be used for endurance training. Besides endurance training, it also serves to strengthen coordination.

Endurance training with the ball

In this question it depends of course on the type of ball:

  • Soccer: If we take the soccer ball or something of comparable size, it is possible to have runs during which the ball must be guided as close to the foot as possible. This also trains the coach’s coordination. Of course, such a ball can also be used to hold it between the hands during a knee bend, for example.

When the knee bend is performed, the arms move with the ball in front of the body

  • Medicine ball: The effort of this exercise can be increased by exchanging the ball for a medicine ball. This ball is heavier, making the exercise more strenuous. In addition, with a medicine ball, exercises such as repeatedly picking up the ball, lifting it over your head and letting it fall to the ground can be practiced.
  • Gymnastics ball: The best way to do endurance exercises is probably with a gymnastics or pezzyball. This can be used, for example, as a support point for the feet during a push-up exercise. Since the ball is not a safe support, the trunk muscles must be permanently – but unconsciously – used to stabilize the body.