Duration of mastitis in the lactation period | Mastitis in the nursing period

Duration of mastitis in the lactation period

As a rule, the inflammation of the mammary gland heals completely within a short time with local measures. There may even be a spontaneous healing without any therapy. If an antibiotic has to be taken, the symptoms also usually subside very quickly. If an abscess has already formed, this can prolong the healing time, as it must be emptied with a puncture or a small incision, so that wound healing must also take place. In comparison to inflammation of the mammary glands outside the breastfeeding period, recurrent inflammation and chronicity occur less frequently during breastfeeding.

What effects does mastitis have on my child?

As a rule, the child can continue to be breastfed during the mastitis as the risk of infection for the child is very low. It is even beneficial for the course of the disease, as regular emptying of the breast is an important therapeutic measure. Premature babies should not be breastfed any further if the cause of the mastitis is bacterial, and the newborn should not be breastfed any further if it is infected with B-streptococci. In case the baby should also show symptoms of inflammation, antibiotic therapy of the mother and the baby must be started.