Eye drops in single drops or from the bottle? | Eye drops against an allergy

Eye drops in single drops or from the bottle?

Many of the mentioned anti-allergic eye drops are available either as a larger bottle or in so-called single-dose ophtioles. Usually one package then contains 5 to 30 such single doses. They contain only a few drops and are usually intended for single use.

This means that a single-dose ophtiole must actually be consumed directly after use. This has to do with the fact that the small bottles contain no preservatives. The preservatives which have to be contained in normal sized bottles are among other things used for germ defence.

But their effect decreases with time. The advantage of single-dose ophtiols is therefore mainly given when the drops do not necessarily have to be used daily – for example in people with hay fever who do not suffer from eye symptoms every day but only occasionally. If necessary, they can then use the small ophtioles again after a longer period of time without the drops having already expired.

But be careful: Even with single doses there is an expiry date that must be observed. The normal-sized eye drop bottles are therefore more suitable for patients who regularly (daily) suffer from eye symptoms over a certain seasonal period. Once the normal-sized bottle has been opened, it usually keeps for about 4-6 weeks due to the preservatives it contains. The exact shelf life is stated in the package insert and should be observed.

Homeopathic eye drops

In addition to the above-mentioned orthodox medical substances, homeopathic medicine also offers possibilities for treating allergic symptoms in the area of the eyes. In this case, one preparation in particular, which is available in the form of eye drops, is used: we are talking about Euphrasia eye drops. They are available both in the form of a normal-sized bottle and in single-dose packages of various sizes.

They contain the herbal remedy Euphrasia (eyebright). Euphrasia eye drops should be given 1-2 times a day in both eyes. They are said to have both an anti-inflammatory effect and to be soothing if the eyes are overstrained, for example by excessive screen work. No side effects are known.