Fitness Diet

What is the Fitness Diet?

People who start a diet usually want to lose weight and achieve a slim, defined body. However, the lost weight should mainly come from melted fat deposits, while the muscles that shape and accentuate the body and curves should remain untouched as much as possible. Nowadays, many women also want a body that is powerful and that shows the hard work behind it. In a diet that combines healthy eating with exercise, the dream of building muscle mass and losing fat at the same time seems to come true.

Procedure of the Fitness Diet

There is no strict procedure for the fitness diet, as there is only a rough concept behind it: with a healthy diet and effective physical activity, it is possible to lose weight and mainly address fat deposits. When designing the diet, it is important to ensure a high proportion of protein in order to prevent the loss of muscle mass. The proportion of carbohydrates in the diet must be significantly reduced in order to achieve a calorie deficit.

This is the only way to achieve weight loss. At the same time, all essential nutrients, i.e. fats, vitamins, fiber and trace elements must be covered. In addition, a high sports quota is to be aimed for. Strength training in particular irritates the muscles and protects them from degradation, and it also increases the body’s energy metabolism even when at rest. Endurance training has a particularly positive effect on the cardiovascular system and is best practiced in the form of intensive interval training.

How can I build muscle mass and lose fat?

At this point, it should be said that it is not possible to build muscle mass and reduce fat at the same time. To build up muscle mass, it is necessary to provide all the building blocks and to have a surplus of calories. This is the only way to hypertrophy, i.e. the muscle grows while at the same time being subjected to heavy strain through targeted strength training.

Fat loss, on the other hand, only occurs if there is a calorie deficit. This means that the body is supplied with less energy than it needs. It is therefore forced to use the stored energy.

If the protein intake or physical activity is too low, the muscle mass falls victim to the lack of energy. Those who primarily want to reduce fat and do not want to lose muscle mass should rely on a high protein intake and do targeted strength training. If there is a calorie deficit, the body starts to burn body fat at this point.