Introduction Nystatin is the product of the bacterium Streptomyces noursei and belongs to the family of antimycotics. Antimycotics are drugs used to treat fungal infections. Fungi are known as pathogens especially in people with a weakened immune system. They can cause so-called mycoses, fungal infections that can occur on the surface (skin, hair and nails) … Nystatin


Synonyms Mycotoxins, antifungalsAntifungals are a group of drugs that are effective against human-pathogenic fungi, i.e. fungi that attack humans and cause mycosis (fungal disease). The effect of antimycotics is based on the fact that they act against or on fungus-specific structures. Since the fungal cells are structured in some places similar to human cells, there … Antimycotics


General information Lamisil® is the trade name for Terbinafine, a drug used in the treatment of fungal infections (mycoses). Terbinafine intervenes in the formation of the fungal membrane by inhibiting the production of an essential substance of the fungal membrane, ergosterol. Accordingly, Terbinafine has a fungicidal effect. Lamisil® can be used locally (topically) in the … Lamisil®

Lamisil Tablets | Lamisil®

Lamisil Tablets Lamisil Tablets® also contain the fungicidal active ingredient terbinafine, which is used in salt form as terbinafine chloride. The tablets contain 125mg or 250mg Terbinafine as Terbinafine chloride and the appropriate dose and dosage form is determined by the doctor. Areas of application for the tablets are fungal infections of the fingernails and … Lamisil Tablets | Lamisil®

Amphotericin B

General information Amphotericin B is a prescription drug (antimycotic) for the treatment of severe and very severe fungal infections. It is often used when the fungal infection affects the whole body (systemically), i.e. the blood and internal organs, and at the same time the number of white blood cells (leukocytes) is reduced. As a rule, … Amphotericin B

Side effects | Amphotericin B

Side effects Amphoterine B can cause many different side effects and should therefore only be taken after strict indication and only at the agreed doses. The severity of the side effects depends on how Amphotericin B is taken. Ointments and tablets usually only cause local symptoms such as itching, swelling or blistering, whereas many different … Side effects | Amphotericin B


Ampho-Moronal® contains the active ingredient Amphotericin B, and is a prescription-only drug. This drug is a so-called antimycotic. This means that it is used in case of fungal infections, especially yeast or mould infections. These can occur in the mouth and throat area (thrush), on the skin, in the intestine, the respiratory tract and in … Ampho-Moronal®