Definition Doxepin is used as a tricyclic antidepressant for depression, but also for the treatment of addictions, especially opiate addiction. Doxepin is a reuptake inhibitor. This means that it prevents messenger substances such as norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin from being absorbed into the nerve cells of the brain. Thus, more neurotransmitters are available again, which … Read more

Contraindications | Doxepin

Contraindications As with other drugs, there are contraindications for Doxepin, which makes it impossible to take Doxepin: Hypersensitivity to doxepin or related substances Delir (clouding of consciousness with additional sensory delusions or delusions) Narrow Angle Glaucoma Acute urinary retention Prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland) with additional residual urine formation For intestinal paralysis During … Read more

Metabolism of lithium and simultaneous intake of lithium and alcohol | Lithium and alcohol – is it compatible?

Metabolism of lithium and simultaneous intake of lithium and alcohol If lithium and alcohol are tolerated, the patient must also be made aware of a significant impairment of his or her ability to react and the associated impairment of his or her fitness to drive. Both lithium and alcohol can reduce the ability to react. … Read more

Effect of the lithium | Lithium

Effect of the lithium Therapy with lithium is indicated for two different clinical pictures: acute manias and bipolar-affective disorders (mixed forms of manias and depression). Depending on the clinical picture, the onset of action therefore also differs. In acute manias, it can sometimes take up to two weeks before the manic symptoms improve. For this … Read more


Lithium is a classic drug that is still used today as the first-choice remedy for mania and as a preventive therapy for bipolar-effective disorders (mania depression). Lithium is available as: Lithium aspartate (lithium aspartate), Quilonum (lithium acetate), Hypnorex ret, Quilonum ret. Lithium Apogepha, Leukominerase (Lithium Carbonate), Lithium Aspartate, Lithium Acetate, Lithium Carbonate, Lithium. Fields of … Read more

Dosage | Lithium

Dosage In general, lithium should be taken in the evening. For this reason, side effects are usually simply overslept. The amount that the individual patient has to take depends directly on the so-called plasma concentration, i.e. the amount of the drug in the blood. Particularly at the beginning of the therapy, regular blood samples must … Read more

Interaction | Lithium

Interaction Lithium interacts with many other drugs. In the following, we will discuss the interactions with what we consider to be the most important ones: Do you suffer from depression? And how can it be treated? The combination of lithium with other drugs and alcohol can lead to numerous interactions, some of which are not … Read more

Citalopram and alcohol – is that compatible?

Introduction Citalopram and alcohol have relatively little interaction compared to other antidepressant drugs. The possible side effects should nevertheless be taken seriously. Citalopram is a drug that is used in the treatment of depressive disorders. It is one of the most frequently prescribed psychotropic drugs. The effect is based on its selective serotonin reuptake inhibition … Read more

Could this be dangerous? | Citalopram and alcohol – is that compatible?

Could this be dangerous? The combination of citalopram and alcohol can have dangerous consequences in rare cases. These are primarily dependent on the dosage as well as on the individual liver function. Compared to other antidepressant drugs such as tricyclic antidepressants or monoamine oxidase inhibitors, the probability of dangerous side effects is comparatively low. You … Read more