Balsam for colds

What is a cold balm? A cold balsam is a product that usually contains essential oils and other vegetable substances. As the name suggests, it is used to relieve the symptoms of a cold such as sore throat, runny nose and cough. The ointment can be applied to the chest, back or even the neck … Read more

Sinupret® forte

Introduction Sinupret® forte is a herbal medicinal product. It combines the ingredients gentian root, primrose blossom, dockweed, elderflower and verbena in a prescribed dose and is offered in the form of coated tablets (special form of tablets). Compared to Sinupret® extract, the individual ingredients of Sinupret® forte are contained in a lower dosage. Sinupret® forte … Read more

Side effect | Sinupret® forte

Side effect To date, no studies on systematic interactions of Sinupret® forte with other drugs have been conducted. Possible interactions have not been reported to date. However, due to absorption in the intestine, metabolism in the body and transport in the blood, interactions cannot be excluded. If any symptoms associated with taking Sinupret® forte occur, … Read more

Vicks VapoRub® cold ointment

What is the Vicks VapoRub® cold ointment? Vicks VapoRub® cold ointment relieves the symptoms of a cold such as coughing, hoarseness and a stuffy nose. It contains various active ingredients, including eucalyptus oil and camphor. It is intended for external application to the chest and back. It is available in pharmacies, but you do not … Read more

Dorithricin ®

Introduction Dorithricin throat tablets Classic ® is a pharmacy-only, over-the-counter drug that can be used for sore throats and swallowing difficulties in the context of an infection of the mouth and throat area. The throat tablets have an anaesthetic effect and thus also relieve complaints such as a tingling, scratching or burning sensation in the … Read more