Swollen lip

Introduction Lip swelling can have various causes. Injuries, for example from an accident, can cause lip swelling. Also in the context of an epileptic seizure, the person affected can bite his or her lip and it can swell up as a result. Causes of a swollen lip These injuries can result in open areas of … Read more

Associated symptoms | Swollen lip

Associated symptoms Depending on the cause, in addition to lip swelling, characteristic accompanying symptoms such as blisters and bleeding spots may occur. Other accompanying symptoms often point to complications and should always be examined and treated by a physician.In the context of an allergy, a so-called angioedema can occur. It is also known as Quinke’s … Read more

Itching | Swollen lip

Itching In the context of allergies, lip swelling can occur in combination with itching. The itching can be limited to one part of the body or in the whole body. The itching is caused by the excessive release of messenger substances from the mast cells of the body. Among other things, histamine mediates itching. Allergic … Read more

Various causes | Swollen lip

Various causes Inflamed or sensitive gums can cause swelling of the lips on the inside of the lip. This can have different causes. It can be caused by inflammation, improper care of teeth and gums, intolerance of toothpaste ingredients, lack of nutrients, a weakened immune system or stress, gum problems. In addition, gum problems with … Read more

Bruise on the lip

Definition A bruise on the lip is also called a bruise or hematoma. It is caused by blood leaking from injured vessels into the surrounding tissue. This accumulation of blood is usually directly under the skin and is therefore highly visible and easy to diagnose. A bruise on the lip can be painful and annoying, … Read more