Metabolic diet

What is the metabolic diet?

The metabolic diet is supposed to stimulate the supposedly slowed or poor metabolism of the body and help to reduce weight. A lot of protein is on the weekly schedule, carbohydrates are almost without exception deleted. The metabolic diet is a radical diet that achieves great success but involves health risks and can hardly be maintained for a long time. As with almost all crash diets, the emphasis is on a greatly reduced calorie and carbohydrate intake.

Procedure of the diet

It is recommended to carry out the treatment for a maximum of two weeks in order to keep the health risks as low as possible. The nutrition plan is repeated in the second week. Carbohydrates in the form of bread, pasta, rice or potatoes are completely eliminated, with few exceptions also fruit.

One should drink enough throughout the day, at least 2 liters. Allowed are water, unsweetened tea and in the morning coffee. The week with the metabolic diet is as follows: In the morning there is black coffee, on days 2-6 a bread roll, on day 5 instead vegetables and a citrus fruit (e.g. grapefruit).

On day 1, two boiled eggs with vegetable salad are on the plate at lunchtime. Dressing is allowed, but should consist only of vinegar and lemon juice. In the evening you may eat unbreaded meat (poultry, beef or pork).

On day 2, meat is served at lunchtime with spinach or salad and fruit. In the evening, poultry should now be eaten. On day 3 you can eat spinach or green salad with two boiled eggs.

In the evening you should have beef with vegetables. On the following day you should have one boiled egg again, with tomatoes and some vegetables, and in the evening fruit with (sugar-free) natural yoghurt. For a change you eat fish with salad or spinach on day 5, in the evening you have meat with it again.

Before the final day, on day 6 you have a steak for lunch and in the evening 2 boiled eggs and vegetables. Day 7 gets by in the morning only with unsweetened tea with lemon, at noon meat with green salad. But now you can eat whatever you want in the evening. The guidelines differ only slightly on different portals and should be followed as strictly as possible to achieve the desired effect.