Pull-ups | Muscle building exercises


Pull-ups are a good exercise for the back and bicep muscles. It is also often seen as a counter-exercise to push-ups, as the opposing muscle groups are trained. This exercise is performed hanging from a pole, with the hands reaching far apart.

While exhaling, you pull yourself towards the bar with your chin or neck, or just above the bar with your chin. As you let your body sink down to the starting position, you inhale and your arms are not fully extended. The correct execution of this exercise is extremely important.

There should be no swinging and no pushing of the legs.For beginners and overweight people, a machine with a footboard is a good choice, as it allows training with support. Later you can switch to the normal pull-ups. On the other hand, if an athlete is very experienced with pull-ups, extra weights can be attached to the body to intensify the exercise.

This exercise is also called Military Press and is usually performed sitting down. There is nothing to prevent it from being performed in a standing position. When sitting, the upper body should be almost vertical and the barbell should be gripped wider than shoulder width.

With arms outstretched, the barbell is lowered onto the chest in a controlled manner and inhaled. Without much pause, the barbell is then pressed vertically upwards again while exhaling. Again, make sure that the arms are never fully extended.

In addition, a hollow back should be avoided urgently. The backrest should not be set too flat, otherwise the exercise will affect the chest muscles too much. However, this exercise is about training the shoulder muscles.

Variations of this exercise are quickly explained. By pointing the elbows forward and adopting a tighter arm position, the load goes more on the deltoid muscle directly on the shoulder. Another arm position and outward pointing elbows are more aimed at the front and middle parts of this muscle. The personal perception of the severity of the exercise changes significantly as a result. Dips, tight bench press, French press, triceps push-up, triceps press