Muscle building exercises

In fitness and strength training there are different goals that can be set for you. One of them is muscle building, where the exercises and forms of training are chosen so that the greatest possible muscle growth can be achieved. You can distinguish between exercises for “at home” and exercises for the “studio”.

The many different exercises can be divided into groups. These are then named according to the part of the body to be trained. From the areas of biceps exercises, chest exercises, triceps exercises, back exercises, leg exercises and abdominal exercises are selected and presented here some exercises for a muscle building training.

In the following, exercises for muscle building for training at home are presented. If you choose the right exercises, you can do a muscle building training at home as well as in a gym. For the exercises presented here, the basic principle is always that the duration and intensity of a training session should depend on the fitness level of the athlete.

In general, two to three rounds with ten to 15 repetitions should be scheduled per exercise. The runs are interrupted by breaks of one to two minutes. After a day of training, a day of recovery should generally be scheduled.


The classic among the exercises for a muscle building training at home. The whole body is under tension and many muscles and muscle strands are trained in parallel. In addition, this exercise trains the sense of balance, coordination and flexibility.

The hands are placed on the floor parallel and about shoulder-wide, the feet are stretched backwards and stand on the balls of the feet. The entire body is in a horizontal position. The head should be held in extension of the spine.

For beginners a slight variation of the exercise is recommended. Here, the hands are not placed on the floor, but against a wall or a chest of drawers. Now slowly release the weight of the body towards the floor and after a break of two to three seconds push the body upwards again so that the arms are stretched out.