The Bach Flowering Wild Rose

Description of the flower Wild Rose

Wild Rose is the mother of the cultivated roses, grows in sunny places in hedges, on the edges of forests. The flowers are white, light pink to intense pink and appear in summer from June to August.

State of Mind

One is apathetic, apathetic and has capitulated inwardly. One no longer exerts oneself.

Peculiarity Children

Children in the negative Wild Rose state appear quiet and resigned. They are often tired and limp and tend to shut themselves off. The facial expression is dismissive, smiling is one of the exceptions.

Kindergarten children in this state are always passive and do not defend themselves even though they are physically able to do so. School children lack the motivation to learn, they find everything boring. In puberty, a so-called “zero-bock attitude” develops. All this behaviour is based on a deep resignation which takes away the joy of activity and life. Shock experiences in early childhood and the feeling of being abandoned can lead to such states.

Pronouncement adults

People in the negative Wild Rose state appear sapless and powerless to their surroundings, pale they care for themselves. They like to wear dark clothes and describe with an expressionless, dull voice their hopeless, stuck situation which is not recognized as such by outsiders. One has a strong negative expectation, which often comes from the first days of life.

A baby that cries for its mother for hours on end eventually stops doing so and what remains is the feeling of boundless abandonment and total emptiness. One surrenders to one’s fate, interest in life remains low, one is without energy. Adults in a negative Wild Rose state are exhausting, apathetic and unresponsive companions.

They have a depressing effect on their environment. One lets oneself drift, has resigned and shows no effort to change the situation, no longer perceives oneself or life. One has learned to get along with little and lives in paralyzing indifference. One does not complain, considers this condition normal.

Aim of the stream flowering Wild Rose

Wild Rose should help to regain courage and joy of life. One finds new interest in life and develops inner freedom, flexibility and overcomes the paralyzing feeling of resignation.