Adduction with the expander


A contraction of the adductors causes the spread leg to be pulled towards the body. This musculature on the inside of the thigh is neglected in training practice, especially by male trainers. The hip joint allows movements in all dimensions, therefore the training of the thigh muscles should be aimed at all directions of movement.

The counter-movement to adduction is called abduction, and puts strain on the middle and small gluteal muscles. Since the thigh muscles are characterized by large and strong muscles, the use of an expander is only a limited substitute for training on machines in a gym. For the targeted muscle build-up in bodybuilding, the training of the leg muscles with the expander should therefore only be used as a supplement.

Muscles used in bicep curl

  • Large thigh extractor (M. adductor magnus)
  • Short thigh extractor (M. adductor brevis)
  • Long thigh extractor (M. adductor longus)
  • Pectinous muscle (M. pectineus)
  • Slender muscle (M. gracilis)
  • Tailor muscle Musculus sartorius
  • Internal thigh muscle Musculus vastus medialis
  • Slim muscle Musculus gracilis

The expander is knotted into a loop. Fix one end near the ground and tie the other around the ankle. In the starting position the leg is stretched sideways next to the body.

The expander is already in the starting position in a pre-stretched state. In order not to lose balance when training with higher weights, the arms can take over a fixing function. In the movement execution the feet are brought together and brought back into the starting position.

The expander should remain in a stretched state during the entire movement. The training of the left and right leg muscles must be performed alternately. The strength of the resistance depends on the training goal and the physical condition.

Fields of application

Health sportsFor this objective, the number of repetitions is in the range of 15 to 20 repetitions, with medium intensity. FitnessIn fitness sports, the number of repetitions is between 12 and 15, at medium to high intensity. The breaks are in the fitness range between 30 seconds and 1 minute and thus allow many different exercises to be integrated into the training plan.

Apart from maintaining health, fitness training is about targeted muscle building. Bodybuilding (muscle build-up)In order to set the targeted stimuli for muscle build-up, training must be carried out with increased intensities in the range of 8 repetitions. After the repetition, the muscles must be loaded so that no further repetitions are possible. Due to the increased load, the pause length between sets must be at least 2 minutes. Between 4 and 6 sets should be performed per exercise.

Variations in adductor training

If there are problems in the knee joint, the expander can be attached to the thigh and at hip height.