Interactions of the asthma spray | Asthma inhaler – You should pay attention to this!

Interactions of the asthma spray

The interactions in asthma sprays are very diverse and complex and always depend on the type of preparation and dosage. It is therefore extremely important that the treatment of asthma is discussed with the doctor treating the patient and that the doctor is informed about any additional medication taken. In addition, there should be a lively exchange of information, for example in the case of newly occurring symptoms.

Asthma sprays with cortisone, for example, can lead to a potassium deficiency or can themselves be intensified by preparations containing oestrogen or certain antibiotics and thus have a longer effect and in higher doses. Even when using an asthma spray, caution should always be exercised with possible triggers for an asthma attack. These include alcohol and nicotine as well as various medications.

Studies have shown that alcohol can trigger an asthma attack in many asthmatics. This has been shown to be particularly true for wine. It is of course also possible that alcohol does not trigger an asthma attack, but it should always be kept in mind.

In principle, it is possible to take asthma sprays during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, there should always be close consultation between the doctor treating the asthma and the doctor who is in charge of the pregnancy, as the use depends on the type of asthma spray. Common asthma sprays, such as salbutamol, can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

However, since salbutamol belongs to the beta2-sympathomimetics, which also have a contraction-inhibiting effect, its use should be clarified medically before birth and, if necessary, changed. As a rule, the effectiveness of the pill is not limited by an asthma spray. If you are unsure, you should read the package insert or ask your doctor or pharmacist. Conversely, however, the pill can enhance the effect of the asthma spray, as, for example, cortisone-containing asthma sprays are less strongly broken down by the estrogens in the pill and can therefore remain in the body longer as an effective drug and have an effect on the lungs.

Can an asthma spray help build muscle?

There is no scientifically proven effect of an asthma spray on muscle building. An asthma spray usually causes the airways that would otherwise contract due to asthma to dilate. This effect is of course certainly beneficial for extensive fitness training, but should definitely not be a reason for using an asthma spray.

Is it allowed to bring asthma inhaler on the plane?

Most airlines allow you to carry an asthma spray in your hand luggage on the plane, as it is a medically prescribed medication that must be ready to hand in case of an emergency. If you are unsure, the regulations for hand luggage can be found on the website of the respective airline.