Liver value GPT


The abbreviation GPT stands for glutamate pyruvate transaminase. In addition to the name GPT, the name ALT or alanine amino transferase is often used. This is a synonym for exactly the same enzyme.

The term describes an enzyme that is found in several organs at the same time. These organs include the liver, where it is found in particularly high concentrations, the heart and the normal skeletal muscles. However, the enzyme is mainly found in the liver, as there is a high demand for the enzyme there.

Like GPT (ASAT), the enzyme belongs to the transaminases and is involved in the breakdown of proteins. The two laboratory values serve as important parameters in the diagnosis of liver diseases such as hepatitis, poisoning and diseases of the bile ducts. Furthermore, the determination can also be useful in the case of a heart attack.

Normal values

The values of GPT are determined from the blood. For this purpose it is necessary to take a small amount of blood from a vein. Adult men should have a GPT value between 10 and 50 U/l (units per liter).

For adult women, a value between 10 and 35 U/l is aimed for. Values that are too low have no disease value. For children, other concentrations should be aimed for.

These also depend on the respective age. As with all laboratory parameters, there are no uniform values with respect to the reference range. This is due to the fact that, depending on the laboratory, the analytical methods can be slightly different and give slightly different results.

Therefore, the reference range is often determined by each laboratory itself, which should be given the most attention in case of doubt. In addition, the values that are available in perfect health are subject to a certain variation for each individual. Some people have physiological laboratory values that are outside the standard, even though no disease is present. This topic may also be of interest to you:

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