Losing weight with diet shakes | Losing weight without diet and exercise – is that possible?

Losing weight with diet shakes

Diet shakes are usually based on the principle that they replace a meal and thus save calories. Basically you can lose weight with this principle. Often, however, the shakes as meal replacement are not satisfactory and there is a need to eat something in addition.

However, this means that more calories are consumed per day and you do not lose weight. In addition, the diet shakes would have to be retained as a meal replacement for a longer period of time in order to achieve and maintain weight reduction. Often it is difficult to maintain the motivation to do so. In addition, the diet shakes usually contain few nutrients, so a balanced diet with a reduced calorie diet is preferable.

Slim in your sleep?

Losing weight by sleeping alone does not work, but sleep plays an important role in fat burning. Anyone who wants to lose weight – even without sport or diet – should make sure that they get enough and good sleep. One of the essential principles of slimming in the sleep diet is that excessive secretion of the hormone insulin is prevented, as it prevents the breakdown of fat.

For this purpose, the last meal of the day should be taken as early as possible and nothing should be eaten before going to sleep. In addition, the evening meal should contain as few carbohydrates as possible, i.e. no pasta, rice, potatoes or fruit. Sweets and alcohol should be avoided completely. This promotes the breakdown of fat during the night.

Lose weight with fat burner pills?

Very often so-called “fat burner pills” are advertised, which can be taken to lose weight without diet and exercise. Such preparations are definitely not recommended. They do not allow you to lose weight and they are often very expensive. They often contain substances that play a role in the burning of fat in the organism. However, just because these substances are then taken in, no increased fat loss will be achieved.

Where can I find good recipes for losing weight without sport and diet?

For losing weight without diet and sport, a variety of good recipes are offered. On the one hand, there are many books with delicious recipes that are suitable for losing weight and some contain nutrition plans. It is advisable to leaf through different books in a bookstore and also to choose one where you feel addressed by the recipes and can also imagine their preparation in everyday life. If necessary, you should seek advice. In addition, there are various sites on the Internet that offer good recipes for losing weight.

How much can/should I lose weight with this method?

A general recommendation on how much one should lose weight cannot be given. It does not matter whether it is about losing weight without diet and exercise or through diet or exercise. On the one hand, a weight that is within the normal range should be aimed for.

For this purpose, one can orientate oneself on the BMI (Body Mass Index), which is appropriate for one’s own age and is determined by height and weight. Both underweight and overweight have a negative effect on health. In addition, you should be able to feel comfortable with your own body weight.

When losing weight, you should not lose too much weight in a short time. It is better to lose weight continuously over a longer period, i.e. at least over several months. This also prevents a yo-yo effect, for example.

How much one should or can lose weight also depends on the initial weight. Heavily overweight people, for example, can lose more weight in a shorter period of time than people with only small fat deposits should do.