Mayo diet

What is the Mayo diet?

The Mayo diet is a method of weight loss based on the low carb method. The diet got its name from the American Mayo Clinic, which denies having published such a program. Eggs are the main foodstuff along with fish and lean meat, sugar is only allowed in the form of fruit and vegetables. A passage of two weeks should lead to a considerable weight loss.

Procedure of the Mayo diet

In the Mayo diet, about 1000 to 1500 calories should be consumed per day. There is a list of foods that are completely removed from the diet. These include carbohydrates in the form of bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and many sugary fruits.

Soft drinks, alcohol and sweets are also prohibited during the dietary phase. For this, a lot of protein is part of the diet, especially in the form of eggs, of which more than 20 should be eaten per week. Lean meat and fish are also allowed.

Dairy products are also part of the repertoire. Unsweetened tea and water should be consumed in sufficient quantities to keep the kidneys at full speed, and coffee is also allowed. This could also be interesting for you: Stomach-Way-Diet

What is the diet plan?

There is no fixed dietary plan to follow during the two weeks. Thus a large clearance is given to the slimming willing one. The only requirement is to eat only permitted foods.

At least three eggs a day should be eaten, and these can be prepared in different ways. An example day of the Mayo diet can look something like this: With the Mayo diet there are almost no limits to your imagination, the only important thing is that carbohydrate-rich side dishes are not allowed, nor are sweet drinks. Lose weight without exercise and without food?

  • For breakfast we have a grapefruit, an omelette with herbs and a cup of coffee or tea.
  • At noon, two eggs, for example hard-boiled, are eaten again. A mixed salad is served with it, it should only be dressed with lemon juice.
  • The dinner consists of a low-fat steak, a mixed salad and some vegetables.