Phlogenzym – The food supplement


Phlogenzym is a commercially available preparation, which is available in two different forms. Phlogenzym mono consists of only one component and Phlogenzym aktiv is composed of several components. It is a food supplement that supports the human body in various tasks.

Phlogenzym does not require a prescription and is available without a prescription but only in pharmacies. An enzyme in general has the task to help in various processes in the human body. There are many different enzymes in the body.

In some cases they accelerate the course of certain reactions, in other cases they make the course of a process possible in the first place. The human body is therefore dependent on the presence of enzymes. Normally all enzymes are produced by the body itself and can carry out their tasks undisturbed.

However, some people have an enzyme deficiency, which usually affects a single enzyme. This can often be replaced by taking a preparation and the body is still fully functional. In some cases, however, the enzyme cannot be replaced by taking medication.

There are also enzymes in the immune system that control it. The immune system fights pathogens, but also protects the body from other harmful influences, such as stress or harmful environmental influences. In the immune system it is important that an immune response is triggered quickly when pathogens enter the body.

However, it is equally important that this response does not overshoot. This is the case with allergies. Thus, enzymes are also active in the immune system, which on the one hand enable a rapid immune response to occur, but on the other hand ensure that this response is regulated and occurs in the right measure.

As a rule, the body itself can ensure that there are enough enzymes to ensure this regulation. However, if the body is weakened, for example by an infection or a disease, the immune system is often also affected and cannot perform its tasks to the full extent. In this case it is possible to intervene by taking certain preparations.