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Procedure of the Almased® diet

The Almased® diet, also known as the Markert-Diet, follows a strict principle that should be adhered to so that the patient can lose enough weight and thus achieve the desired success. For the first 3 to 10 days the patient must not eat any solid food. Instead, only Almased®, vegetable juices or homemade vegetable broth and water are consumed.

This principle is very similar to that of a detoxification cure and results in the body and the gastrointestinal tract of the patient being cleansed of toxins and harmful substances. Since the body is starving enormously during this time, the fat reduction begins here. At the same time, however, the body reduces its activity so that it does not have to attack the fat reserves.

Nevertheless, during this time there is a sometimes strong weight reduction, which is due, among other things, to the fact that water is withdrawn from the body. After these 3-10 days, the next phase comes, in which the patient is allowed to eat one meal a day, for example, the patient is allowed to eat breakfast. Lunch and dinner, however, must be replaced by Almased®.

This phase is called the reduction phase because Almased® is slowly reduced here and the patient’s weight should also be reduced. This phase can be maintained until the patient has reached his or her desired weight, but up to 6 weeks are recommended. The next phase is then called the stability phase.

During this period, the patient should try to maintain his or her dream weight without gaining more weight. In this phase only one meal, for example dinner, is replaced by Almased®. The other two main meals can be eaten as normal.

This phase should not be shorter than four and a half months, because otherwise the so-called yo-yo effect can occur, in which the patient, after losing a lot of weight in a short time, gains the same amount of weight again very quickly. According to the manufacturer, further weight reduction should also be possible in this phase. After the 18-week stability phase, it is then possible to eat normally again, which means that the patient can then eat three meals a day again.

In addition, a Shake Almased® can be integrated into everyday life. This should further promote fat burning and minimize the feeling of hunger. Thus, an Almased® diet takes more than 6 months until the patient has reached his desired weight and can keep it stable.

Almased® offers numerous recipes to accompany the diet. These can be viewed and printed out free of charge on the Almased® website. You can find recipes for breakfast, soups, fish and meat products, vegetarian dishes and also desserts.

There are also books on sale, which contain numerous recipes as an ideal complement to the diet. It is generally recommended to eat a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. In addition to low-fat proteins (fish, meat), you should also eat a lot of vegetables. The intake of fruit should be avoided, especially at the beginning of the diet (start and reduction phase), as this can slow down the weight loss process.