The Bach Flower Walnut

Description of the flower Walnut

The tree (walnut) grows up to 30 m high and thrives in warmer areas. The greenish flowers appear in late spring shortly before the leaves break out. Female and male flowers grow on the same tree.

State of Mind

In decisive new beginning phases of life one is insecure, fickle and easily influenced from the outside.

Peculiarity Children

Children need walnut during their young life always at the entry into a new phase of life such as teething, the first day in kindergarten, the start of school, change of school, moving house, entering puberty and the like. They have to give up familiar and loved things and are therefore insecure and sensitive. Walnut helps with the emotional release, the children can feel safe and confident again and come to the insight that every new beginning always has beautiful things in store.

Pronouncement adults

Walnut has a special position among the 38 Bach Flowers, because it is primarily used in special phases of life in which serious changes are imminent (divorce, new profession, emigration, climacteric, change of diet, retirement, preparation for death and much more). In negative walnut condition you are sitting in a boat, you can already see the other shore but the anchor is not yet raised. You are internally stressed and unstable and run the risk of being distracted from your decision by external influences.

You know what you want, but you are not mentally prepared to do it and at that moment you are your own worst enemy. One has decided to break with old habits, restrictions and limits, wants to leave old structures behind and start from scratch. This parting with old connections, thoughts, feelings, habits, life circumstances is always painful, one is still orienting oneself at times towards other people and their ideas, letting oneself be influenced by warners and sceptics. One lets oneself be unsettled by consideration for family, social conventions and the opinions of others.

Aim of the stream blossom Walnut

Walnut is supposed to help to hold out despite influences and adversities from the outside, to dare to make a new start, to turn his life upside down and to pursue his life’s goal unwaveringly. You free yourself from the shadows of the past. Walnut makes you calm and ready for a new phase of life. People in a positive Walnut state can be pioneers who pursue their goal despite negative reactions from outside.