The fruit diet

What is the fruit diet?

The popular fruit diet belongs to the group of mono diets, which means that a certain food or food group comes to the fore, in this diet it is the sweet fruits. This diet is one of the best known slimming diets, as it contains, among other things, numerous valuable vitamins. One possibility is to reduce the fruit diet completely to a specific fruit, as is the case with the papaya diet, the mango diet or the pineapple diet.

Procedure of the fruit diet

With the fruit diet you should eat at least 1.25 kg of fresh fruit daily. It is important to consume only fresh fruit, as canned fruit contains a certain amount of sugar and preservatives. Taboo are all other food groups such as meat, fish, dairy products, cereals, etc. Lemonade, cola, alcohol and sugar are prohibited. As drinks, any amount of water, unsweetened tea and freshly squeezed juices may be drunk.

Fruit and vegetables – which diet form is better?

With a fruit and vegetable diet, which is also a kind of mono-diet, one has colorful meals full of nutrients and valuable vitamins as well as a variety of design options. Some nasty fatteners like meat and desserts are completely missing from the menu. However, deficiency symptoms can still occur because essential fatty acids are missing and certain trace elements and vitamins are less easily absorbed through the intestines or are completely absent from the menu.

An advantage at the fruit and vegetable Diät not to be underestimated is that one has both sweet and hearty meals on the menu, while the fruit Diät is clearly more one-sided in this point and therefore the fruit Diät is for some humans more heavily over several days to convert. In general, all mono diets are unhealthy in the long run, since vitamins and nutrients are missing in such a one-sided diet and deficiency symptoms can occur. Nevertheless, the fruit and vegetable diet is more versatile and richer in nutrients and vitamins than the fruit diet and is therefore preferable to the fruit diet. In addition, a lot of vegetables are very low in calories, which makes them particularly suitable for a quick success.